Blessing of science essay 120 words

Bacon considered that it is of greatest importance to science not to keep doing intellectual discussions or seeking merely contemplative aims, but that it should work for the bettering of mankind's life by bringing forth new inventions, having even stated that "inventions are also, as it were, new creations and imitations of divine works" . [2] He cites examples from the ancient world, saying that in Ancient Egypt the inventors were reputed among the gods, and in a higher position than the heroes of the political sphere, such as legislators, liberators and the like. He explores the far-reaching and world-changing character of inventions, such as in the stretch:

I have known many, many priests, almost none of them saints – but each of them a better and holier man than me. No matter, each of them was never a mere “celebrant,” never just a “presider,” and certainly not an asexual master of ceremonies-each of them – usually true of no other in the church – acted/acts in persona Christi as the head of the mystical body of Christ. And they did not say and they do not say “Jesus said this was His body;” they say “This is My Body” because Jesus is there in spirit, using their voice and their hands, and because of these human fallible instruments His sacrifice is represented to the Father and we receive Him, body, blood, soul and divinity, every day. And he does not say “The Lord be with your spirits” and so we do say in reply to the words the Lord be with you: “And with your spirit.” Guy McClung, San Antonio, Texas ps: ditto re that large OMI crucifix

Blessing of science essay 120 words

blessing of science essay 120 words


blessing of science essay 120 wordsblessing of science essay 120 wordsblessing of science essay 120 wordsblessing of science essay 120 words