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Welcome to the Division of Student Affairs! We are a team of highly competent and professional educators that are committed to enhancing the out-of-class experience for students at The University of Mississippi. From your first campus tour to graduation day, you will find Student Affairs partnering with you to become better acclimated to campus, to find a safe place to live, to keep you healthy while attending classes, and to build leadership and career-specific skills. We work hard to support the co-curricular, emotional, physical and financial needs of our students.

Dr. Scott Scarborough is a professor of practice in The University of Akron College of Business Administration where he teaches business strategy, accounting, and healthcare management. Prior to coming to The University of Akron in 2014 as its president, Dr. Scarborough was executive director of The University of Toledo Medical Center and provost of the university. Dr. Scarborough is also a certified public accountant and chief executive officer of Scarborough CPA, LLC. 

Dr. Scarborough holds a . is strategic management from The University of Texas at Arlington, an MBA from The University of Texas at Tyler, and a BBA in accounting from The University of Texas at Austin. 

He and his wife, Tammy, live in Akron, Ohio.

Brandi hephner labanc dissertation

brandi hephner labanc dissertation


brandi hephner labanc dissertationbrandi hephner labanc dissertationbrandi hephner labanc dissertationbrandi hephner labanc dissertation