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I can’t understand the resigned acceptance of the majority of posters, regarding an employer’s “right” to “prohibit” consensual dating between employees, after working hours conclude. I firmly believe that Civil Rights issues are present, such as privacy and free association. Fortunately, I worked for a State Agency (retired 4 years ago), which wouldn’t dare attempt to enforce such a draconian “rule”. Many couples wound up getting married. I could accept a transfer of one or both parties, so long as neither was sent to Timbuktoo! However, to subject anybody to “discipline”, over an after work activity, is akin to the old “master/slave” relationship! Also, it is downright paternalistic to attempt to tell employees who they may socialize with, after work! Furthermore, there is a question of enforcement. Would the sighting of a man with his female manager, co-worker, or underling, at a restaurant, movie theater, or of one entering the other’s residence, be grounds for interrogation, and then “discipline”. The parties involved should refuse to answer any personal questions, regarding something like this!
I firmly believe that any “discipline”, over consensual dating, should be resisted by whatever means possible!

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Can do my accounting homework

can do my accounting homework


can do my accounting homeworkcan do my accounting homeworkcan do my accounting homeworkcan do my accounting homework