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You can see from the graph that as concentration increases, the time taken for the solution to go cloudy decreases. So the stronger the concentration the faster the rate of reaction is. As the concentration of sodium Thiosulphate decrease the time taken
for the cross to disappear increases, this is an inverse equilibrium was reached the solutions turned a yellow color, the stronger the concentration was the higher the turbidity was. When equilibrium was reached SO2 gas and water were released. The more concentrated solution has more molecules, which more collision will occur. So therefore the rate of reaction should depend on how frequently the molecules collide, so more molecules have greater collisions and the reaction happens faster as more products are made in a shorter time. All related to the collision theory.

Being one of the most widely spread elements in existence, silicon throughout the history of human civilization played a very important role in architecture and construction, because it served as a component of many building materials, such as glass, concrete and stone. The most dramatic impact of silicon on the human existence and the world’s economics was caused, however, only in the 20th century, when it became widely used in the production of semiconductors and transistors that have later evolved into computer chips, laying a foundation for the whole information industry that is one of the most characteristic features of modern times.

Chemistry + essays

chemistry + essays


chemistry + essayschemistry + essayschemistry + essayschemistry + essays