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A leading organizer of the fundamentalist campaign against modernism in the United States was William Bell Riley , a Northern Baptist based in Minneapolis, where his Northwestern Bible and Missionary Training School (1902), Northwestern Evangelical Seminary (1935), and Northwestern College (1944) produced thousands of graduates. At a large conference in Philadelphia in 1919, Riley created the World Christian Fundamentals Association (WCFA), which became the chief interdenominational fundamentalist organization in the 1920s. Although the fundamentalist drive of the 1920s to take control of the major Protestant denominations failed at the national level, the network of churches and missions fostered by Riley shows the movement was growing in strength, especially in the . South . Both rural and urban in character, the flourishing movement acted as a denominational surrogate and fostered a militant evangelical Christian orthodoxy. Riley was president of WCFA until 1929, after which the WFCA faded in importance. [36] The Independent Fundamental Churches of America became a leading association of independent . fundamentalist churches upon its founding in 1930. The American Council of Christian Churches was founded for fundamental Christian denominations as an alternative to the National Council of Churches .

But just as Spurs were beginning to dominate, Son Heung-Min -- playing wing-back -- made a huge mistake. Victor Moses charged into the area and Son slid across to try to intercept the ball. Moses saw him coming and waited for Son to miss the ball before dragging his legs to let the Tottenham player make contact. Moses could have easily avoided going down, but the chance to be awarded a penalty was too good to miss. Martin Atkinson, the referee, took a long look at the incident, checked with his assistant and pointed to the spot. Tottenham protested, but Willian expertly sent Lloris the wrong way to put Chelsea back into the lead.

Christian conte dissertation

christian conte dissertation


christian conte dissertationchristian conte dissertationchristian conte dissertationchristian conte dissertation