Cinematography research paper

Hey Shane, I know you put a ton of time in this post, and it’s an incredible post! This is extremely helpful. Sometimes, for me, it’s kinda hard to figure it out with just reading and pictures. I would love to be able to color correct my footage to look like that first picture with the guy and the car behind him (By the way that looks incredible.) Do you think you could do a video tutorial with Premiere Pro on how you got to that point? This post has helped greatly, but it’s just a request that I am mentioning that would help me alot. I learn alot more by following along with you in a video than just looking at pictures. If not, I understand, This post has helped me already. but if it’s possible, that would be great. -Thanks-

I recently took part in a round-table discussion with several other cinematographers and photographer in New York. The discussion was in front of film students and one of the most surprising topics that kept coming up was about the quality of Digital SLR cameras compared to high end film cameras. Many of the experienced panelists were, and still are, against the DSLR cameras as a professional film device, this could be for a number of reasons, but I’m lead to believe that this has to do with lack of quality and control many of these cameras have.

Cinematography research paper

cinematography research paper


cinematography research papercinematography research papercinematography research papercinematography research paper