Conflict resolution thesis

The Conflict Resolution Institute (CRI) at the University of Denver bridges nine academic units and five professional schools to create truly multidisciplinary offerings in the theory, research, and practice of conflict resolution. The Academic Program offers an . degree, while the Center for Conflict Engagement coordinates conferences, visiting scholars, joint projects, and community partnerships. CRI focuses on reflective practice, conflict analysis and assessment, conflict resolution capacity building, and restoring the community fabric in ongoing intractable conflict and post-conflict settings. Institute start-up and development was generously supported by a gift from the Henry R. Luce Foundation.

Laura certainly felt powerless. Tim's aggressive sexuality displayed in the cab, as well as his underlying assumption that his sexual advance would be welcomed by Laura, reveals the inequities placed upon women in our male-dominated society. A woman in Western society is sexualized as an object; whereas, a man is rarely treated in such a way (Connell, 1987. p. 113). Hence, Laura was confronted with Tim's narcissistic assumption that she would be happy to receive his attentions, along with the male ideology of claiming women as objects of desire. This power imbalance was then carried into the sexual politics of the workplace.

Conflict resolution thesis

conflict resolution thesis


conflict resolution thesisconflict resolution thesisconflict resolution thesisconflict resolution thesis