Critical essay on native son

Christina Berry notes in the conclusion to her own essay on this same topic, “[w]hat matters in the long run is not which term is used but the intention with which it is used.” When referring to people outside our own cultural heritage, our intention should always be to refer to others in ways that are respectful and accurate. In these materials, we have chosen, for the reasons outlined above, to use the names of individual tribes or nations where we can and to use the term American Indian more broadly, but we acknowledge that there are many differing but valid opinions on which terminology may be the most appropriate. We encourage educators to read a variety of opinions on this issue, to talk to people in their communities about terminology, and to let their own respectful intentions guide them to the choices that they deem most appropriate. 8

In the past we didn’t designed gardens that play a critical ecological role in the landscape, but we must do so in the future if we hope to avoid a mass extinction from which humans are not likely to recover either. As quickly as possible we need to replace unnecessary lawn with densely planted woodlots that can serve as habitat for our local biodiversity. Homeowners can do this by planting the borders of their properties with native trees plants such as white oaks ( Quercus alba ), black willows ( Salix nigra ), red maples ( Acer rubrum ), green ashes ( Fraxinus pennsylvanica), black walnuts ( Juglans nigra ), river birches ( Betula nigra ) and shagbark hickories ( Carya ovata ), under-planted with woodies like serviceberry ( Amelanchier canadensis ), arrowwood ( Viburnum dentatum ), hazelnut ( Corylus americnus ), blueberries ( Vaccinium spp) . Our studies have shown that even modest increases in the native plant cover on suburban properties significantly increases the number and species of breeding birds, including birds of conservation concern. As gardeners and stewards of our land, we have never been so empowered to help save biodiversity from extinction, and the need to do so has never been so great. All we need to do is plant native plants!

And of course it is the . demand for drugs that fuels Mexican drug smuggling in the first place. Take, for example, the current heroin epidemic in the United States. It originated in the over–prescription of medical opiates to treat pain. The subsequent efforts to reduce the over–prescription of painkillers led those Americans who became dependent on them to resort to illegal heroin. That in turn stimulated a vast expansion of poppy cultivation in Mexico, particularly in Guerrero. In 2015, Mexico’s opium poppy cultivation reached perhaps 28,000 hectares, enough to distill about 70 tons of heroin (which is even more than the 24–50 tons estimated to be necessary to meet the . demand).

Critical essay on native son

critical essay on native son


critical essay on native soncritical essay on native soncritical essay on native soncritical essay on native son