Descartes vs hume essay

In my opinion I think Hume was more practical in his philosophies that that of Descartes. Hume only accepted things that he perceived through his senses. One can have ideas about what things would be of look like only if they have some idea about them. If we say for example a mountain made out of gold, we most likely have never seen a gold mountain. We know what gold looks like if we have seen it and we know what a mountain looks like if we have seen that and by putting the two together we can perceive what a gold mountain would look like by not ever seeing a gold mountain. Hume said that in our ideas we use scissors and paste to cut our ideas out and paste them to our minds. Just like in the example of the gold mountains.

Another difference between these two philosophies is the belief in an essence behind objects. Basically, the idea of an essence or a form behind all objects was believed in each and every philosophy from Plato all the way up to Descartes. Empiricism was the first philosophy that contested this belief. Empiricism argues that any and all essence is derived from experience. Hume, being the radical empiricist that he is, rejects the essence and forms behind things. Locke also denies the existence of essences and forms, yet on a lower magnitude than that of Hume. Instead, empiricism employs the bundle theory. What this theory states is that an object is a bundle of physical characteristics, lacking an essence or a form of any kind. This is really where Hume's strict empiricist nature truly comes to light. One of the conclusions he reaches is that science and all things relating to science can be disproved. According to the bundle theory, an object is a mass of physical characteristics. Gravity, for example, is not a physical, tangible object. Since the bundle theory suggests that objects are made up of purely physical characteristics, there is no way that gravity could exist, or be real at all for that matter. Interestingly enough, science has been disproved by the logic Hume uses. This is arguably a statement

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Descartes vs hume essay

descartes vs hume essay


descartes vs hume essaydescartes vs hume essaydescartes vs hume essaydescartes vs hume essay