Dna-database essay

Privatised NHS GP records: huge backlog of patient data
More than 200 high priority clinical documents are still awaiting further clinical assessment after more than 700,000 items of patient data were found undelivered in a warehouse last year. They were supposed to have been delivered to GP practices by former primary care support services provider NHS Shared Business Services (SBS), a joint venture company owned by the DH and IT systems firm Sopra Steria. Payments to GP practices to assess the information, which includes test results, have now exceeded £.

A well-structured account of the current debate concerning the role of a person's genes and environment in determining their intelligence, personality and behaviour.
The strengths of the essay are to be found in the latter stages where many of the writer's assertions are supported by a number of relevant case studies. The reader is encouraged to draw their own conclusions from these investigations. Quite rightly, the writer points out that, since much of the research is on-going, it is too early to draw definitive conclusions. The jury is still out!
In the first part of the essay, however, there are a number of rather sweeping generalisations which are not supported by evidence derived from scientific investigations.
Overall, however, the writer communicates a real interest in the subject and gives the reader considerable food for thought.

Dna-database essay

dna-database essay


dna-database essaydna-database essaydna-database essaydna-database essay