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Emily Carr University has launched Intersections Digital Studios, a research facility. Students and faculty have access to equipment such as a motion capture studio for research in animation, ergonomics and interactive entertainment, a CNC machine for cutting prototypes in new shapes and forms, thermal printers, spatial, full-body and flatbed scanners for work in 2D and 3D, a Bailey kiln for prototyping in ceramics and industrial design, digital HD video cameras, and an Apple Xserve server system for high speed rendering, as well as the more traditional resources available at the University.

This website cites Dickinson poems as published in The Poems of Emily Dickinson (1998), ed. by R. W. Franklin.  Because Emily Dickinson titled few of her poems, they are generally known by their first lines or by numbers assigned to them by editors.  Franklin, like his predecessor Thomas Johnson, arranged Dickinson's poems chronologically and then assigned each one a number.  References to poems in the Franklin edition are indicated by an "Fr" followed by the poem number.  See The Posthumous Publication of Emily Dickinson's Poems .

I also thought that we might simply tire of one another, in the way that happens in so many long relationships. This column runs 365 days each year, and aside from some brief breaks while I worked on other projects, I’ve consistently assumed the role of Ask Amy while this column grew into its adolescence. I’ve written while onboard planes, trains and ferryboats, sitting in the public library, and in my home office, which is located in an old red barn behind my house. I’ve opened bushels of postal mail, run through eight laptops and (by my estimation) clicked open 500,000 emails.

Emily dickinson research paper death

emily dickinson research paper death


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