Essay on theodore roethke

Both my papa's waltz and the coat of many colors were a mixture of lightness and heaviness. Little Benjamin marveled at its elegance on his older brother Joseph, but the women, the mothers of Joseph's ten older brothers, outwardly approved but inwardly cringed. Although Jacob (Israel) had the right to indulge Joseph so, it was a token of upset to the family hierarchy, the young brother seeming to get what an older brother should be in line for. Similarly the frowning mama, although she had to go along with papa's right to play with his son, nevertheless cringed at the disorder it brought to her house and kitchen.

According to Emerson, history should be written with the concentration of soul and the cycle of experience rather than facts should be passed through it. It should talk of the life that you lived. No history yet talks about the metaphysical annals of man or of the mysteries hidden behind Death and Immortality. History should not be build around Rome, Constantinople, Paris, but there should have a broader and deeper view of the way nature has evolved. It should carry a true expression of our annals- from an ethical transformation, from the influx of regenerated conscience instead of being a symbol of our selfishness and pride.

Essay on theodore roethke

essay on theodore roethke


essay on theodore roethkeessay on theodore roethkeessay on theodore roethkeessay on theodore roethke