Essay tourism and assam

2. Chicago May Day '86: organize "religious" procession for Haymarket "Martyrs"--huge banners with sentimental portraits, wreathed in flowers & streaming with tinsel & ribbon, borne by penitenti in black KKKatholic-style hooded gowns--outrageous campy TV acolytes with incense & holy water sprinkle the crowd--anarchists w/ash-smeared faces beat themselves with little flails & whips--a "Pope" in black robes blesses tiny symbolic coffins reverently carried to Cemetery by weeping punks. Such a spectacle ought to offend nearly everyone .

First time 1857 revolt asked, since syllabus change. Thankfully nothing from medieval India, unlike 2014’s Panipat. 2013: women in freedom struggle

  • 2016: women during Gandhian era of freedom struggle.
Ideals of Gandhi vs (in social science) Gandhi vs Subash (in Freedom Struggle) Post Independent India- nothing asked after 2013. Drought continues. (as such linguistic state question is part of Post-Independent history but the wording is such that I put it under Regionalism topic). World History: easy questions on industrial revolution and role of Germany in WW.
  • Tough question on “WEST” Africans’ role in anti-colonial struggle.
  • Each year they’re asking one question less than previous year. So 2017- they ought to be zero question from world history!
2015: 25 marks questions on “women issues” under Social science.
  • Nothing.
  • But then again- asked about women empowerment in full length essay, as well as their role in freedom struggle
2015: Dalit empowerment asked
  • Tribal empowerment asked. But bit factual question since you’ve to enumerate the Constitutional provisions.
  • Last year – how/why tribal sex ratio better than others?
2013: regionalism to separate state demand asked
  • How linguistic states strengthen Indian unity?
  • How development disparity leads to regionalism?
2015: link between cultural diversity vs. national identity asked
  • Link between Globalization vs. cultural diversity asked!? Seems as if they’re rolling dice to set question paper!
2015: Two questions from poverty, population, globalization
  • “Remove poverty by removing deprivation”- bit GS2 like question asked. But relatively easier than narrating labour migration trend of 4 decades last year!
  • Impact of Globalization- asked in 2013, 2014 and now in 2016.
Nothing in physical geography- in 2015 Finally asked – 2 things related to physical geo’s subtopic “disaster”

Sir i feel extremely happy to go through it website, for helping serious aspirants to crack toughest of all humble & sincere request is my daughter is studying in 8th std Icse board,she is very sharp girl,excellent,having curiosity to know &prove herself.
She talkabout serving to the deprived &distressed community, bringing change in the system.
By understanstanding her eagerness to do IAS, I need ur constant support, valuable guidance to orient her studies with topics which she come across during her classes.
Sir kindly help us as u have helped lot many.

Essay tourism and assam

essay tourism and assam


essay tourism and assamessay tourism and assamessay tourism and assamessay tourism and assam