Finding nemo essay

After befriending a 150 year old turtle and his song Squirt and his buddies, Merlin and Dori go through the ECA and finally reaches Sydney. When there, they are very excited and the friendly pelican tells Nemo the exciting news--"Nemo's dad is on his way to find you!" This makes him very happy. However, Nemo knows that he first needs to find a way out of the fish tank before being taken away by evil Darla! So he and the other fish in the tank hatch a plan: stop water filter by inserting a rock inside, swim out of the filter. Wait until tank gets so filthy that the dentist has to clean it and put the fish in plastic baggies. Once in the plastic baggies, they have a chance to roll out from the window, cross the street and drop into the ocean! At first they failed and the dentist only got a new hi-tech filter. Nemo and friends think and talk amongst themselves but does not notice Nemo being scooped out until he cries out. He is being put in a baggie and given to Darla! Thinking fast, he plays dead in hopes of being

Students will complete the graphic organizer containing information about Earth systems and its interactions. From this information, we will spend the next two weeks designing, researching and writing a speech about deforestation. The information on this project will be on the Google Classroom site. Students will work with partners for this project. A number of steps will be required to reach the final goal of creating a classroom to debate our opinions. Please ask your child about this project. Speeches/debate scheduled for October 11.

Finding nemo essay

finding nemo essay


finding nemo essayfinding nemo essayfinding nemo essayfinding nemo essay