Frederick jackson turner thesis

Turner's theories came under attack in the 1970s, as critics complained, unfairly, that he neglected regionalism. Their approach rejected the frontier process all together and looked at the West as simply a place. Critics complained that Turner celebrated too much the equalitarianism and democracy of a frontier that was hard on women and minorities. The attacks on Turner by the "new western historians" had the unexpected result of energizing his supporters and made Turnerian approaches even better known to the public. [5] Indeed, Turnerian ideas influenced the rapidly growing new field of environmental history. [6] Turner gave a strong impetus to quantitative methods, and scholars using new statistical techniques and data sets have, for example, confirmed many of Turner's suggestions about population movements. [7]

Frederick Smith: The most important piece of advice that I could give them is to take advantage of the tremendous reservoir of knowledge that’s out there today. Spend some time learning how the world has evolved. There are a lot of good lessons in history, and other peoples’ experiences in the past, that could be exactly the solution to the problem you’re looking for. Particularly today, with everything available on-line and on the Internet, and with quick delivery of books or whatever you need, to not take advantage of this educational opportunity is a real tragedy.

Frederick jackson turner thesis

frederick jackson turner thesis


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