Government intervention essays

No one (apart from the occasional doctrinaire libertarian) who advocates for this mythical beast known as the “free market” can define it in a way that accords with their practices, even as a normative or asymptotic concept. This post leaves the content of the word “free” completely empty. I suppose it here means “markets operating without intervention, except for those interventions the author happens to like.” Right, that’s exactly the kind of “free” market I like, too: markets left alone except when I don’t like some aspect of how they operate. I sure do like that word “free,” though; makes me feel more American every time I say it.

Economists generally recognize that the military's influence on the economy is essential to the country's continued social and political stability. However, other aspects of the government's perceived intervention in the economy are not universally welcomed. For instance, some thinkers take issue with government-sponsored social welfare programs like Medicaid and disability insurance . They argue that private companies could provide these services more efficiently than the government. They also assert that the government's habit of maintaining inefficient programs without regard for profitability or other traditional metrics of financial success is harmful to the broader economy.

Government intervention essays

government intervention essays


government intervention essaysgovernment intervention essaysgovernment intervention essaysgovernment intervention essays