Harvard gsd architecture thesis

The Harvard Graduate School of Design  has announced a new, free online course entitled " The Architectural Imagination ." Taught by the school's Eliot Noyes Professor of Architectural Theory  K. Michael Hays  alongside Professor of Architectural History Erika Naginski  and G. Ware Travelstead Professor of the History of Architecture and Technology Antoine Picon , the course is advertised as "introductory" level and described as teaching "how to 'read' architecture as a cultural expression as well as a technical achievement." It will be delivered through edX, a platform for high-quality massive open online courses (MOOCs) which was founded by Harvard and MIT in 2012.

In collaboration with Jennifer Sigler, this special guest edited issue of Harvard Design Magazine explores the space of the oceans with a range of contributors from across the world: Ulrich Beck, Luis Callejas, Ashley Carse, Christopher Connery, John & Jean Comaroff, Josh Comaroff, Dilip DaCunha, Theo Deutinger, Keller Easterling, Hali Felt, Rose George, Rebecca Gomperts, Max Haiven, Charlie Hailey, Anuradha Mathur, Astrida Neimanis, Kate Orff, Henk Ovink, Martin Pavlinic, Kimberley Peters, Catherine Seavitt, Aboumaliq Simone, Hilary Sample, Jennifer Sigler, Philip Steinberg, Supersudaca, Kristin Wintersteen, Sara Zewde, Byron Stigge, Xiaowei Wang, Dawn Wright.

Gund Hall’s studio trays form both the physical and pedagogical core of the GSD experience, drawing together students and faculty from across the departments of architecture, landscape architecture, and urban planning and design. The creative, collaborative atmosphere of the trays is supplemented by Gund Hall’s advanced information infrastructure, media-enriched presentation spaces, vast library resources, and open access to fabrication technologies, enabling architecture students to develop, discuss, exchange, and materialize ideas through a comprehensive range of platforms and media. The student experience is further enriched by the School’s renowned lecture and public program series, exhibitions, and publications, as well as the resources available across Harvard University and the nearby Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Students in the Department of Architecture are integrated into an active network of internationally recognized designers, dedicated to addressing the changing needs of the modern world.

Harvard gsd architecture thesis

harvard gsd architecture thesis


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