Intercultural marriages essay

By 2011, the historical trend of inter-racial marriage between the two groups had resurfaced on a global scale.  An increasing frequency of inter-racial marriages among African women and overseas Chinese workers (as well as African merchants and Chinese women) was acknowledged by the Peoples Republic of China, along with an extension of citizenship to their offspring.  There is now a “baby boom” for twenty-first century Afro-Chinese children who are bi-national, bi-cultural, and bi-lingual.  They will most probably challenge existing concepts of ethnic and national identity and are expected to impact the global marketplace.

Lontar is a not-for-profit organization established for the purpose of promoting appreciation of Indonesian literature and culture; supporting the work of authors and translators of Indonesian literature (through publishing their works); and improving the quality of publication and distribution of Indonesian literary works and translations. Lontar’s library, containing several thousand titles (mostly in Indonesian) is open to the public by appointment. Lontar has a gift shop on its premises. Volunteers, especially people fluent in both Eng00000lish and Indonesian, are needed for sales events, the preparation of manuscripts for publication, and management of the organization’s website.

Intercultural marriages essay

intercultural marriages essay


intercultural marriages essayintercultural marriages essayintercultural marriages essayintercultural marriages essay