Lab reports for chemistry

Chemistry resources include a current Chemistry Course Calendar , chapter notes, worksheets, review sheets, and labs for Chemistry. I have posted web versions of my PowerPoint presentations , which can be viewed as Flash movies within your browser or downloaded for offline viewing in the new .ppsx format. I also have my own Interactive Practice Activities . Reviews and links to some of my favorite chemistry related freeware can be found on the Chemistry Freeware page. You can select and print a periodic table on the Printable Periodic Tables page. Several years ago I produced some Problem Solving Videos for common problem types in this course. I have a collection of Programs for the TI-83plus graphing calculator, most of which I have written myself, for solving various types of Chemistry problems. These also work on the TI-84 and TI-84plus.

Notes: Col. 1  Product Name and concentration in parts-per-million (ppm) on label.
Col. 2  Particle surface area= value from lab report.
Col. 3  Efficiency Index = Divide column 2 by total ppm value from the lab report and multiply by 1000.
Col. 4  Price Cents/mL = Divide product price ($/oz) by and multiply by 100.
Col. 5  Price Cents/cm 2 = Divide 1 by column 2 and multiply by column 4.
Col. 6  mL of product required for a constant particle surface area.
            Normalized value is calculated by dividing the largest column 2 value () by column 2.
Col. 7 cm 2 /$ = Divide 1 by column 5 and multiply by 100. Percent of Metal Content Table

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Lab reports for chemistry

lab reports for chemistry


lab reports for chemistrylab reports for chemistrylab reports for chemistrylab reports for chemistry