Professional 8mm film transfer equipment

If you would like an estimate of how much it will cost to burn your cine films to DVD, it would be helpful if you knew how many reels of cine film you have and their size. The small reels (pictured) are 50ft, larger reels of film usually have a scale on them in feet (and sometimes metres) - we would need to know how many feet of film there is on the reel. We can also supply your films as MP4 digital files.
Here's a short sample of an 8mm cine film transfer.

BVP have produced historical DVDs using archive footage.
We also convert VHS, miniDV Hi8 and other camcorder tapes to DVD.

You may wish to have your cine films edited. The first step is transfer then editing ...

Reviews #4 - The customer assistance I received from Video Conversion Experts was fantastic and the transfer looked great. I will definitely be sending more Super 8mm transfer work here. - by Robyn M. on 12/15/2013

Reviews #5 - I discovered two reels of 16mm film from my parents' wedding in 1946. I sent them to Video Conversion Experts and a week later, the film was returned together with an archival DVD (with music added) and a Passport hard drive with an AVI file of the movie in Hi Def. The results are amazing. The service was prompt and the conversion exceeded my expectations and I couldn't be more pleased with the results. I highly recommend them to anyone wanting to preserve their legacy films in a digital format. Thank you, Brad. - by Richard S. on 12/11/2012

Professional 8mm film transfer equipment

professional 8mm film transfer equipment


professional 8mm film transfer equipmentprofessional 8mm film transfer equipmentprofessional 8mm film transfer equipmentprofessional 8mm film transfer equipment