Research paper chinese cultural revolution

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This brief by CARI researchers Janet Eom, Jyhjong Hwang, Lucas Atkins, Yunnan Chen, and Siqi Zhou examines how Chinese engagement compares to US engagement in African countries. How do oil exports influence Chinese and US trade relations with Africa? Why do Chinese and US firms favor investment in different African industries? What are the main sectors to which China and the United States provide loans in Africa? This policy brief analyzes CARI’s data on Chinese and US trade, FDI, and loans to Africa over the past 15 years to answer such questions. The authors find that Chinese engagement emphasizes Africa’s infrastructure needs, key countries are consistently top destinations for different economic activities, and fluctuating commodity prices are important to both the United States and China in Africa.  Download Policy Brief  (PDF) »

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Research paper chinese cultural revolution

research paper chinese cultural revolution


research paper chinese cultural revolutionresearch paper chinese cultural revolutionresearch paper chinese cultural revolutionresearch paper chinese cultural revolution