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I tweeted that the goons in the video deserved jail sentences. Later, it became clear that the original “coma” tweet was inaccurate or incomplete and that the video had been clipped from a longer video shot by Mother Jones reporter Shane Bauer . Over the course of the day, I tweeted several times that I thought the coma thing was hyperbole and unverified. I tweeted out a link to an account from the man who heroically threw himself on the man being beaten. Later in the day, Bauer and others demanded I delete the tweet because it pushes “ fake news .” He’s now going after Joe Scarborough for retweeting my tweet.

I recently attended an equity training class and let me just say, the information given to me was so valuable that I was eager to implement these strategies and ideas into my classroom. But before I could begin on this journey, I personally feel that I needed to have a reflection on my current practice of instructing and teaching the students in the classroom. After some time of reflecting lesson plans, student data and examples that I had kept in their files, I can see there was a lot for me to improve.
One area of improvement for me was the piece of engagement. If I am to have some form of equity for my students, I need to create lessons that are engaging to my entire class. I think about your point of having to "flex routines", being able to make the extra time to contribute towards a student's achievement. In the text, "Uncovering Teacher Leadership", Richard Ackerman brings up a valuable point of this idea called, impediments; basically ideas or concepts that can halt us from what we are trying to accomplish. He brings up a concept of "our plate being full" (Ackerman & Mackenzie, 2007, ). "It's hard to care for a class of little bodies and still have time and energy to lead" (Ackerman & Mackenzie, 2007, ). Instead of making excuses I needed to take the time to plan a lesson or activity that is engaging for all learners.
After reading your blog, I feel that one keyword has stuck to me, and that is relationship. If you don't have nor build the relationship with the students, making an environment that is safe to fail, knowing your students and etc. will become a much more difficult process. Thank you for your excellent post!

Shane essays

shane essays


shane essaysshane essaysshane essaysshane essays