Someone help me with my math homework

My mom had lung cancer that spread to her brain and bones or vice versa, but the truth is, no one kind of cancer is better or worse. She was sick and tried her best to put up a brave front. I just took it day by day with her and let her lead the visits. Sometimes the hard tasks of sitting while she rested was the most rewarding. The patient should not feel bad for the way they fight or try to deal. It’s their battle and as loved ones we often want what’s best for us in their battle. Put feelings aside because you never know how you’d fight if it was you and not them. I cherished each minute I got when I checked my emotions at the door.

We have a bengal mix male cat that is 7mos old. At about 3 months old he bit my face rather hard when I was sleeping leaving a puncture wound in my chin. Of course I woke up startled and upset. Ever since then he continues to attack my legs with his teeth, pouncing out of no where leaving wounds that have turned into scars. We are a family of 5 with all males in the house except for myself and for whatever reason he only attacks me this way. When he attacks me its usually when Im just minding my own business although he will occasionally have pet-induced aggression when any of our family members pets him for too long. Our 3yr old played pretty rough with our cat for the first few months after we brought him home and i am wondering if this plays a part in his aggressive behavior? He is not fixed but was wondering if this would help? We have tried the squirt bottle but that only works for a short time, I dont walk around with one at all times and am not prepared for his out of the blue attacks. I have naturally reacted by yelling or falling to all fours in tears at how painful his bites have become. Im to the point of giving up as Im pregnant, I cannot tolerate this behavior and am concerned for our baby who will be here in a just a few months. Is there any hope in fixing this right away or is this a personality trait for this particular cat that is not fixable?

Someone help me with my math homework

someone help me with my math homework


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