Standard font size for college papers

Personally, I always use px in any container of considerably limited or fixed size, like navigation menus, fixed width sidebars and footers. That will prevent re-sizing from breaking the layout where those elements are concerned. However, I prefer to give the user control over the font size of my main page content, and for this I use ems. With a browser reset including html {font-size:100%;} and a body tag of font-size:%, you get the decreased variability of % and 1 em now equals 10px. I believe we as web designers need to relinquish a little control to the users, who are after all the main reason we’re doing what we do. Content font size is a personal preference that can vary widely based not only on taste, but visual ability. Millions of people are visually impaired to some degree, and if your pages main text doesn’t re-size to fit their preference, they are just as likely to back right out of your site and keep on truckin’. PLUS, even if you do decide to be a total control freak and absolutely define the font size with px, you can simply change that font-size:% to font-size:10px and the text will no longer re-size based on browser text size settings. And the cool thing is, you can adjust that single value and all your website’s font will change, relative to one another. It’s the most elegant solution I think, both flexible and dynamic. But that’s just my humble opinion. Hopefully it won’t get slammed too much, but hey.. this is the internet, and hater’s gonna hate. Take your best shot, just watch the face guys and girls.

[ larger | smaller ] For example, if the parent element has a font size of 'medium', a value of 'larger' will make the font size of the current element be 'large'. If the parent element's size is not close to a table entry, the user agent is free to interpolate between table entries or round off to the closest one. The user agent may have to extrapolate table values if the numerical value goes beyond the keywords. <length> A length value specifies an absolute font size (that is independent of the user agent's font table). Negative lengths are illegal. <percentage> A percentage value specifies an absolute font size relative to the parent element's font size. Use of percentage values, or values in 'em's, leads to more robust and cascadable style sheets. The actual value of this property may differ from the computed value due a numerical value on 'font-size-adjust' and the unavailability of certain font sizes. Child elements inherit the computed 'font-size' value (otherwise, the effect of 'font-size-adjust' would compound). Example(s):

Standard font size for college papers

standard font size for college papers


standard font size for college papersstandard font size for college papersstandard font size for college papersstandard font size for college papers