Theseus and the minotaur essay

I like the stories and have a couple of suggestions.
When using the stories as text help for reading assistance for students find it difficult to find the start of the story as the reader has an introduction which is not on the page. The introduction to the story in the text is not read and is not clearly defined. Students found that in some stories of Natasha is difficult to hear and the pitch is to high with some hearing impared children. Would it be possible to be able to speed the reading up so as reading improves students are to make quicker progress.
I think the stories are great and congratulate on the work being done.

Carl-Petter also wrote a fascinating blog post: My Year as an Amateur Android Game Developer . It has only a little about Theseus. Instead it is mostly about the app business, and about programming in general. He begins by describing a large business system he was working on which was starting to fall apart. Bertell then thought he would have more fun, and make more money, by developing an app. Because he lives in Finland, he figured he would have to register as a business and even collect VAT taxes. That was becoming a bureaucratic nightmare, but he found he could bypass all these problems by hooking up with a guy in Silicon Valley. He was able to finish the app in less than a year. And, did he really have fun? did he make any money? For the answer to those questions you’ll have to read the blog.

Ovid, Heroides 10. 99 ff :
"[Ariadne laments after being abandoned by Theseus on Naxos :] O, that Androgeos (Androgeus) [Ariadne's brother] were still alive, and that thou, O Cecropian land [Athens], hadst not been made to atone for thy impious deeds with the doom of thy children! [. the children sent to Krete (Crete) to feed the Minotaur.] And would that thy upraised right hand, O Theseus, had not slain with knotty club him [the Minotauros] that was man in part, and in part bull; and I had not given thee the thread to show the way of thy return--thread oft caught up again and passed through the hands led on by it. I marvel not--ah, no!--if victory was thine, and the monster smote with his length the Cretan earth. His horn could not have pierced that iron heart of thine."

Theseus and the minotaur essay

theseus and the minotaur essay


theseus and the minotaur essaytheseus and the minotaur essaytheseus and the minotaur essaytheseus and the minotaur essay