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B. This weekend, McDonalds offered very limited quantities of “Szechuan Sauce,” a previously forgotten McNugget dipping sauce that was part of a promotion for the 1998 Disney film Mulan . You may ask, reasonably, who cares? Well, fans of the Cartoon Network show Rick and Morty , which referenced the sauce in an episode earlier this year. They cared a lot. When the fans couldn’t get the sauce on Saturday, they threatened a class action lawsuit, so McDonalds is bringing the sauce back. I guess this is the power of the legal system working for the people? AV Club

Even at schools where students are awarded aid based only on their financial need , applicants with high academic achievement get preferential packaging: Their award packages have a higher percentage of grants and a lower percentage of loans. Some colleges offer full scholarships for great GPAs. There are other schools (more and more in recent years) that give out large merit-based grants, irrespective of need. These grants are not necessarily just for students. We know of several colleges that award merit-based grants for students with B averages.

Working side-by-side with the PA over the past year, has allowed me to truly grasp the extent of the level of knowledge and skillset required of a PA. She divulges in her work; changing gastrostomy tubes, treating both bleeding and leaking stoma sites, comforting patients with genuine empathy; a true master of her craft. I am amazed at the level of autonomy in the PA’s daily routine; being able to develop treatment plans for patients, performing procedures and making recommendations. When situations arise that require the physician’s expertise, he is only a phone call away. From their conversations, it is obvious the physician and PA have a very close relationship built on mutual respect and trust. I gained a very clear understanding of the physician-PA relationship and the communication necessary to effectively provide the best patient care.

Waitlist essay advice

waitlist essay advice


waitlist essay advicewaitlist essay advicewaitlist essay advicewaitlist essay advice