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The plan of the Palace's principal block (or corps de logis ) is a rectangle ( see plan ) pierced by two courtyards; these serve as little more than light wells . Contained behind the southern facade are the principal state apartments ; on the east side are the suites of private apartments of the Duke and Duchess, and on the west along the entire length of the piano nobile is given a long gallery originally conceived as a picture gallery, but is now the library. The corps de logis is flanked by two further service blocks around square courtyards ( not shown in the plan ). The east court contains the kitchens, laundry, and other domestic offices, the west court adjacent to the chapel the stables and indoor riding school. The three blocks together form the "Great Court" designed to overpower the visitor arriving at the palace. Pilasters and pillars abound, while from the roofs, themselves resembling those of a small town, great statues in the Renaissance manner of St Peter's in Rome gaze down on the visitor below, who is rendered inconsequential. Other assorted statuary in the guise of martial trophies decorate the roofs, most notably Britannia standing atop the entrance pediment in front of two reclining chained French captives sculpted in the style of Michelangelo , [14] and the English lion devouring the French cock, on the lower roofs. Many of these are by such masters as Grinling Gibbons .

Ward churchill essays

ward churchill essays


ward churchill essaysward churchill essaysward churchill essaysward churchill essays