Ways to start a creative essay

I’m almost 60 and just starting to write! I’ve waited all these years to put my “butt in the seat,” and now, finally, I’m forcing the fanny down. How do I start writing? I accept that my writing will be bad–I assume it, of course. There’s this twisted notion about writing, this idea that if it’s not good writing, it’s not writing at all. So I write without tying an adjective to the act. When I take a walk, I don’t say, hey, you can’t walk unless you walk WELL. I just grab my dog and walk out the door and look at the trees and sky, and there I am. Walking.
So it is with writing. All I do is tap my fingers across the keyboard and these little words appear and eventually they add up, so I put in some commas and a period at the end. And there I am. Writing.
Anyway, that’s how I start. I save the suffering for later.

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Ways to start a creative essay

ways to start a creative essay


ways to start a creative essayways to start a creative essayways to start a creative essayways to start a creative essay