What is the bridge in an essay

The words you use in your bridge sentences help define the relationship between the paragraphs or ideas you seek to connect. Janet McIntosh from Harvard's Expository Writing Program explains that words such as "consequentially," "therefore" or "accordingly" demonstrate a cause-effect relationship. Words like "whereas," "although" or "nevertheless" establish a contrast between concepts, while "furthermore," "in addition" or "similarly" help you further expand an idea.

Another option for structural-integrity monitoring is "non-contact monitoring", which uses the Doppler effect (Doppler shift). A laser beam from a Laser Doppler Vibrometer is directed at the point of interest, and the vibration amplitude and frequency are extracted from the Doppler shift of the laser beam frequency due to the motion of the surface. [34] The advantage of this method is that the setup time for the equipment is faster and, unlike an accelerometer, this makes measurements possible on multiple structures in as short a time as possible. Additionally, this method can measure specific points on a bridge that might be difficult to access.

In operational terms, the Mostar City Council established the Agency “Stari Grad” (located in Mostar) responsible for preservation, development, site management and monitoring. The Agency works in close cooperation with other institutions in charge of heritage protection (mostly with the Federal Institute for the Protection of Monuments). The works related to heritage protection are financed mostly by the Government of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the City of Mostar. The City of Mostar also implements projects related to the improvement of the city’s infrastructure.

What is the bridge in an essay

what is the bridge in an essay


what is the bridge in an essaywhat is the bridge in an essaywhat is the bridge in an essaywhat is the bridge in an essay