World war 2 inventions essay

The rat that plants a ramp for the Doomwheel in the trailer deserves a raise, whatever that looks like for a Skaven, an extra leg to chew on? Skaven love to build mad things, and the doomwheel is as elaborate as their inventions get. It is powered by a rat horde running around the inside of the wheel. It is piloted by one panicked rat inside the wheel who definitely can't see where he's going. The wheel seems to act as a dynamo, powering the warp cannons hooked up to the front. These zap nearby enemies with bolts of green warpfire. It also runs over enemies real well. These will look great slamming into big blocks of infantry.

China has a very old seafaring tradition. Chinese ships had sailed to India as early as the Han Dynasty. By 100 AD, Chinese shipbuilders invented the stern post rudder and watertight compartments for ship’s hulls. By 200 AD, they used several masts and the redesigned the basic square sail with the fore-and-aft rig. This allowed the ship to sail into the wind. With these inventions, the Chinese trader and explorer Zheng Ho sailed as far as Africa between 1405 and 1433. Mysteriously, China did not follow up on these voyages. The Chinese destroyed their ocean going ships and halted further expeditions.

World war 2 inventions essay

world war 2 inventions essay


world war 2 inventions essayworld war 2 inventions essayworld war 2 inventions essayworld war 2 inventions essay